Best Time To Plan A Party?

During a pedicure of coarse! I know it sounds crazy but with 3 kids at home and being on call with the 3 all day, alone time is precious. And finding time to focus on planning a party is a very rare thing these days. I try to do a pedi every month but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. When I do, I find I can spend some quality time working on a project. 

Last week at my pedi, as I was about sit down in the chair, my phone died! Well there goes being productive for 45 minutes. I grabbed a piece of scrap paper and began writing down to do lists and new ideas for the cabaret. It was a very productive 45 minutes I must say. That’s when I realized, I actually get a lot of work diner during this little slice peace for just me. Sitting around screaming kids doesn’t help with the creative process.