Costume Help: For Gents Who Want to be Stylish


While you might think it will be difficult to put together a vintage look from the 20’s or 30’s, it actually not that difficult with todays ready to wear. One of the best finds so far in my hunt for helping guests pull together their costumes is Gentlemen’s Gazette. An online treasure trove of men’s clothing and styles. I love this site, I love that you can just scour through it’s categories and find a lot of great looks or inspirations. One of my favorite sections is the Pitti Uomo (or mens fashion week in Milan) section which shows what gents are wearing on street during Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter weeks. So much of the looks you see today could easily be taken from the 20’s and 30’s. See for yourself. 

The Gazette also has a handy dandy shop for men. Everything from leather goods, bow ties and even little boutonnieres by Fort Belvadere for your jacket pocket. Loving the all three flowers……wish I could get a green carnation done. Hmmmmm….