Invitation Delayed

So I was hoping to have the invitation design at the printers sometime this week. Sadly, it’s not going to happen because of a few factors. The main reason, I haven’t finished the design yet! At the last minute I opted to revamp my scavenger hunt idea. Oh yes! There will be a hunt but guest will not be running around SF before the cabaret doors open. Instead I’ve decided to keep the hunt on the actual invitation. Two hunts to be exact, involving a lot of riddles, classic ciphers and maybe a few puzzles. There is also another major factor which will come to light pretty soon. I’ll post more about that factor either later this weekend or early next week.

Speaking of ciphers, I am really looking forward to seeing the new Alan Turing biopic The Imitation Game about Turing's challenges during the Second World War. I hope Benedict Cumberbatch's portrayal of Turing garners him to an Oscar. It also doesn't hurt the rest of the cast is rounded out with some amazing and favorite english actors like Allen Leech ("Downton Abbey"), Mathew Goode (A Good Man / Brideshead Revisited 2008) and Tom Goodman-Hill ("Mr. Selfridge").

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