L&M: 1 Year Baby


The twins are officially one today! We can’t believe it’s already here, the big #1. We are hosting a birthday party this weekend but memories of where were 1 year ago are still free in both our minds. It’s hard to believe that 1 year ago, Tracy our surrogate was counting down the hours to get those huge babies out! Tracy was such an amazing person to endure all the complications that were thrown her way before and during the delivery. The twins were born 6 weeks before their due date but Tracy was already way past capacity in that belly. Tracy was admitted the afternoon before the twins were born and at one point a doctor and nurse were talking about stopping the contractions again. Clem and I couldn’t push Tracy past her limit just for another 24 hours. We pushed back and Tracy was already showing symptoms of other alarming conditions due to the impending delivery. So the green light was lit up! 

At 2:40 am, less than 15 minutes after Tracy was wheeled into the OR, Lochlan was out! He didn’t waste any time. Clem stayed behind to wait for the delivery of Margot while I followed Lochlan into the NICU. After he was cleaned up and they were in the middle of the checking him over. I got a few minutes just to look at him and see him squirm and smile. The smile set off alarm bells. In my head I thought “Holy Crap, my dad use to smile just like that!” The hair was dark but not as dark as Paley’s. I stayed with Lochlan for a good hour, then finally I went out to relieve Clem from Margot duty, so he could get time with Lochlan.

At 4:10 am, Margot finally was out. She sat in the birth canal for an hour and a half, she was taking her time. Poor Tracy was done after all that. The twins were 100% healthy, although we had a few hurdles that come along with having premies. Lochlan finally got the green light on day 9 in the NICU to go home. Sadly, Margot had a mild fever in the early days, so the doctors became worried she had contracted meningitis in the birth canal. She was immediately put on drugs and ended up spending 3 weeks in the NICU. The day her brother went home, she was transferred to a hospital closer to home. In the end after 4 spinal taps, she was given a clean bill of health and she never once tested positive for meningitis. 

The twins have had one heck of year. Personal medical challenges in the beginning and a few here and there but nothing major. It’s amazing how quickly a year goes by. We are also amazed how two kids can be so different. Both have their own personalities already and both have had extremely different triumphs and obstacles. All in all, they are truly two wonderful kids. We got lucky with these 3 kids. All, are great sleepers and all, are great eaters. Not picky one in the bunch. KOW

Lochlan is certainly our stubborn and rock hard drama king. The boy literally feels like a sack of bricks. Although when you look at him physically, he looks to have the same size frame as his sister. When it comes to screams, if it’s high pitched, don’t go running to Margot. That’s Lochlan screaming! He’s mastered several firsts but crawling and standing were his strong suits. He’s really close to walking without support. Lochlan is also our little explorer. He likes to get around the house and open doors his sister could only dream of getting into. Climbing seems to be his mission in life at the moment. For now it’s mostly trying to climb up on the sofa’s & beds. I fear the crib might be converted before his sister 6th birthday in the Spring. While he may be the screamer in the house, Margot and Paley are or were not much for screaming. He is certainly the big talker in the family. Not saying words, just talking! Out LOUD!

Margot is our little fairy child, she’s light as a feather, a tiny little waist and just as mischievous as her older sister. Her motor skills are certainly more advanced than her brothers. She was able to pick up objects with two fingers around 9 months. While a triumph, it does mean she’s picking up things she shouldn’t. We are dreading the day she masters the next mental step of “oh, let’s put this into my mouth”. She might have been second to learn to crawl but she mastered it more gracefully than her brother. I attribute her speed to her light weight and her ability to focus on her hands and move them so quickly. She is also our little snuggler! Whether she’s snuggling on your chest or rolling around on floor pillows. She loves to just enjoy that one moment of joy or affection. 

Today I could honestly say, I am happy with our choice to implant 3 embryo’s. We wanted twins, we got twins and honestly, regardless the extra amount of work, love and patience it has taken these past 12 months. It was well worth the risk! We now have 3 amazing, healthy and unique kids, that Clem and I love with all our hearts. The twins are blessed not only to be apart of a loving family but also to have so many cousins, aunt’s and uncles who love them just as much. More importantly they have 3 grandparents who adore them each like their own. I am sadden when I write that number of 3 because it’s a reminder that my dad was not blessed to see his second grandson and meet his 6th grand-daughter. He is certainly watching over them from the stars (as we like to tell Paley) but I remind them constantly of Grandpa Mica. While many people do say Lochlan is looking more and more like Clem, almost every day I catch that smile of his and it reminds of my father. I loved that smile or smirk and I love seeing it on Lochlan.

So onto year 2 we go! A lot of firsts coming up in their second year of life. From their first airplane ride to their first visit to the snow. Stay tuned for more! 

coming up........Lochlan & Margot's 1 Year Portrait