L&M: Their 1 Year Portrait

Lochlan & Margot's 1 Year Portrait - Kelly Vivianco

Lochlan & Margot's 1 Year Portrait - Kelly Vivianco

On the twins invite for their first birthday party, we used the initial sketch from the twins first portrait. As many of you know we’ve been commissioning artist’s we love or collect to do Paley’s portraits over the past 5 years. We have some truly amazing pieces and maybe one or two that some aren’t big fans of. That’s the nature of art, you never know what you are going to get. Just accept it, we do! 

Well we are carrying on the tradition for the twins as well. Clem and I both agreed we would try to get individual pieces every so often, so the twins don’t always feel lumped together all the time. For their first portrait we wanted to them together. So many of our the artists we wanted to use were already way to busy. Then I got lucky. A new artist that I had recently purchased a piece from, was available. 

Kelly Vivianco did a piece earlier this year at Gallery 1988 for the girl literature themed show. I thought I procured two Nancy Drew themed pieces for the kids rooms but someone snatched Kelly’s version of Nancy right out from under me. But I did keep Kelly on my radar. I ended up falling in love with one of her pieces at solo show she did back in September. We got lucky she had some free time because I really contacted her in late September, not giving her a lot of time to work on the piece. She really pulled out all the stops. We like artists to keep with their aesthetic and she had done similar pieces with animals pulling carts in other shows. The initial sketches were amazing and the final piece cannot be described because we got so lucky. 

The painting was displayed for the first time at the twins birthday earlier today. We are posting it now for all to enjoy. I am seriously thinking I might have Kelly redo Paley’s 1 year portrait for us! Never really liked it. Banished to art storage.