Great Advice from Great Parents for Baby Issues

Over the past year and even when Paley was little one, we have had several friends give us a lot of great advice. Of coarse there were times we got advice that might have been questionable or a little extreme. 

  1. Flat Spot on Your Baby’s Head - My friend Chris Ann had a twin who also had the same problem. Margot had a flat spot because she spent 3 weeks in the NICU and we didn’t notice she was always sleeping on the same side of her head. Probably my only complaint about the NICU experience overall. My friend suggested purchasing a electronic soother and place it on the opposite side of the flat spot. The trick worked, we went from the doctor talking about a helmet at the 1 month visit. To the helmet was no longer in sight by the progress made by the 4 month checkup.
  1. Boys Who Pee Out every night - Buy women’s overnight maxi pads. You can try different sizes or absorbency’s but in the end you’ll end up using the overnight pads. It sounds extreme but we tried all the night time diapers on the market and none of them worked. You can buy $6 pack which lasts you two weeks and you are all set. 
  1. Potty Training - Just Let it Happen! Your kids is going to start using the toilet when they are ready. No amount of pushing is going to make it happen quicker. I think we did more damage or scared Paley for life when we were trying to get her to use the toilet. My only advice is just to have them sit on the toilet at least once a day for a few minutes (2-4 minutes) and then let them go on with the usual day. We tried three times to force Paley to use the toilet and we failed. When she finally started doing it, was on her own. We didn’t have ask her to do it, she just did it. Granted that was at 3 1/2 years. Here’s to hoping that the wise tail siblings learn faster from their older siblings.