Goodbye Uncle Red


One of the most charming and colorful people to grace my life and so many others has passed along. Uncle Red or John Zabollos passed away yesterday, after 92 years. Talk about a lifetime. The photo above was taken in San Francisco at a night club my grandparents (Mary & Frank seated at front on the left and right) attended very often with long time friends Mary & John Zabollos (seated next to grandparents). 

So many wonderful memories of the Uncle Red growing up. A real mans man, strong physically and in will. He and his brother Selso were always source of a good laugh or a good time. He and my grandfather Frank use to hunt for many years, or I should say decades. I have photos of them hunting back in the 40’s and I have fond memories when I was a child of joining them up at the camp up near Lake Del Valle. I am not going to say the news of his passing was sad but rather the thought of him joining his wife Mary (married for over 60 years) and his two best-friends up there in the BIG NIGHTCLUB, gives me a smile. I miss those days of the Spanish Club and all of the families coming together. Our hearts are with the Clause & Zabollos family.


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