New Years Res: The First Draft


For the first time I am going to actually talk about our New Years resolutions on the family blog, I think it’s the first time. Like 100’s of millions of other people on this planet, we resolve to loose weight. Back in 2011 we did a pescaterian diet for 4 months and I lost about 25 lbs. and Clem 15 lbs. The diet, for those who aren’t familiar, is similar to a vegetarian diet but you’re allowed to eat seafood. This time around we are going to try for 6 months but hope to make it a whole year. Also on the docket is more exercise. With the twins older and more mobile, means I can leave the twins in daycare at our gym and finally get back in the pool. It’s been way to long since I’ve actually swam.


I’ll try to document the progress as much as possible. As of today I am weighing around 315. Yes, I’ve said it, I am out of the closet, I weigh over 330 pounds. After seeing my Grammie pass at 91 and Uncle Red at 94, they lived such long, hard working and fruitful lives. It’s time to get back into the real world and start living and working. I am not planning on heading back to work till the twins are 3 but I plan on getting back in to shape for the sake of my family and my life.


I'm planning a target weight because I think the problem with dieting is setting yourself up for failure by setting a goal weight. With a goal comes the cloud of failure that looms over your head, day after day. I’d rather focus on just battling the demons who want me to eat red meat or skip a workout or walk. Wish me luck!

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