Mrs. Brown & Laverne


As usual I put together a holiday gift list for Clem to work off of and this year it was the usual suspects, Architecture Books and a few video games. Now, first I must say, what the hell was I thinking putting more video games on my xmas list. When do I have the time to sit down and play video games these days. While I was purchasing the 4th season of Downton Abbey on UK Amazon, I noticed a TV show that I’ve been wanting to watch for the past couple of years. Mrs. Brown’s Boys is comedy sketch show with male actor Brendan O'Carroll playing the title character Mrs. Brown. Sadly the show is not being sold in the US region disc format. 


started ripping the PAL format DVD’s right after Christmas and fell in love with the first episode. Then for some odd reason I had this desire to re-watch an old classic from my childhood. Laverne & Shirley. Penny Marshall was amazing on that show. I wish she still acted today. This will make you laugh, growing up until I was about 18, I thought Penny Marshall was Gary Marshall’s daughter. I know, I was thick back then, growing up in the burbs will do that to you. For now I am sticking with Mrs. Brown till I get through 3 seasons of episodes. Thankfully in the UK, the seasons are only 7-9 episodes long.



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