L&M Corner: 6 Month Check-in

Lochlan at the Beachhouse 2013

Half a year baby! The twins are clearly growing. We have photos stream setup on our appletv, so we have photos of the kids on constant cycle during the day (thanks to living without cable). The amazing change in size, personality and smiles are amazing. Their 6 month check up was a green light on all fronts. 

Margot is especially doing great! The flat spot she developed from laying in the NICU for 3 straight weeks is finally in the green zone. The doctor says no helmet is necessary to correct it. Thank you universe! Her overall check up was clear. I finally found a perfect fragrance free lotion and cleanser to soothe her eczema. Of coarse the doctor appointment was the day after Paley’s Birthday Party & her Grandparents 50th Anniversary party the following day. Needless to say her eczema was flared up greatly by monday morning. Margot is almost 20lbs. as of today and since we had a growth spurt last week, my guess she’s now pretty close to 30 inches.

Margot at the Beachhouse 2013

Lochlan is certainly our little broozer. Strength beyond belief. There are days where I think he going to break all the play toys on their exersaucer. Crawling is certainly on his agenda, unfortunately he’s only going backwards. And he one heavy little boy, well then again, he’s not little. I swear when he starts kicking the cribs or jumping in that saucer, the house starts moving. Lochlan also had a growth spurt last week, his started one day after his sisters. He is certainly over 22lbs. today and pushing the max on his infant car seat.