Paley's Corner: 5 Year Check-in


5 years already, Paley turned 5 late last month and it’s been a roller coaster ride since day one. So much change is on the horizon for her and the poor thing has been swimming in change for the past 8 months. She’s doing great though! We are coming to end of her final year at preschool. 3 years later and she along with us as a family have made so many wonderful friends. Friends who have gone above and beyond friendship to help us and her in the transition with the new little one’s. 

Which brings me to Paley’s new little partners in crime. Yes, they are already melding a quick bond and I truely believe the twin speak is rubbing off on her already. She’s already reading the twins better than Clem and I. She loves her little brother and sister more than her collection of My Little Pony’s and that’s A LOT! She’s a constant source of distraction and love. Not to mention her vigilance to kiss them good tonight and passion to wish them a good morning every morning. 

Learning is certainly the spark her fire lately. From her eagerness to start reading, even to her methodical thinking about the days on the calendar and where today is located. She constantly exploring something new but of coarse there are always new hurdles. For now little Paley is enjoying her new family dynamic and recovering from her 4 shots from her 5 year check up. It’s not fun to see your poor little girl saying she’s to tired and wants to stay home from school and her arms and legs hurt. Hello Advil.