Car Seats: 1 Year or 2 Years

Lochlan almost 5 months old......that head is already topping those side cushions.

At the twins 6th month check up, the doctor advised us that the rules for toddler car seats has changed. When Paley was a baby, we were allowed to change the car seat from rear facing to forward facing after her 1 year birthday. Which was perfect timing because her legs were already to long to face backwards. Now the APA is recommending parents wait till their child's second birthday to make the change. Now considering the twins have the same genes as Paley and they are already ready to move out of the infant seat at 6 months. I think we might have to trump the APA on this one! No it is not law that children cannot sit forward after 1 year, it’s just the APA recommendation. So sorry guys, my kids are switching at 1 year. Not to mention, poor Paley has to climb over their large seats just to get into the car. Something tells me, I am going to have to pick her up to do so. Oh my back hurts just thinking about it.