Remodel Update: Twins Room

The twins room was finished oddly enough after Lochlan came home from the hospital and while Margot was still in the NICU. The twins arrival was a lot of false starts leading up to the big day. So I had very little time after the kitchen remodel to get ready for the twins and get their room in order. One of the big obstacles was I had planned to order the furniture in mid-september after the remodel was finished, that way we didn’t have any huge pieces sitting around the house possibly being damaged. 

Luck have it! The furniture was delivered during the second false alarm. Poor Tracy was stuck in the hospital for a week being pumped with every known drug to stop the labor. So on the second or third day of our stay up in Santa Rosa, I made a quick trip down to the house and insisted the help of our close friend Shawn to help setup the new furniture. Thank the universe for great friends.

Cudly Rigor Mortis

After that false alarm I was able to slowly get the room put together thanks to my mom’s help and our new housekeeper/laundry lady, Yvonne. Yvonne has been one of our savors this past year. I cannot tell you how amazing it is to have someone who is just as anal as I am about organization. Thank you mom for Yvonne! So for now the twins room is done - no cool stencil job on the wall. Instead we just picked several pieces from our art collection and pieces from Paley’s room to cover the walls. I even managed to purchase two new pieces from at shows at Gallery 1988 and Spoke

The first piece was from Spoke’s annual Wes Anderson show, love this theme, the piece is by a new favorite artist we are collecting, Cuddly Rigor Mortis. It’s based on Moonrise Kingdom

The second piece was from Gallery 1988’s all female artist show titled “Young Adult” which had the artists working with favorite literature from the childhood. The piece is by Shana Bilbrey and is a cut paper piece based on Nancy Drew.