Snip, Snip, Summer is Here

As you can see from the instagram photos on the right side of the blog, Paley had a big change last weekend. I’ve been meaning to get Paley to her hairdresser up in SF for the past two months. I finally got my act together and booked the appointments. Of coarse half way up to SF, I realized my wallet was back home in another pair of shorts. So luckily the two hairdresser (mine and Paley’s) had two openings next to each other.

Several friends asked how did I get her to cut her hair. I explained to her that shorter hair mean’t less knots and less pain combing her hair out every week. She was sold. The chop was a little shorter than I requested but I love it. She and I named it the “Mimi Cut” after her Mimi. I am interested in seeing if the shorter hair will produce an curls. When it was this short before there were ALOT of curls. So far on day 3, nada! There is a slight wave though!