Video Yearbook

Sorry for the lack of posts on the blog. The past two weeks I’ve been kicking it in high gear to finish a video yearbook for Paley’s preschool class. She graduates this friday and I am probably going to be a silly daddy and cry a little. The project just grew and grew, especially when I grabbed all the cameras and iPads in the classroom and found a plethora of photos untouched.

The video yearbook is now grown from a single DVD two a 2-disc yearbook. Hopefully the burning process won’t go to slow. I hope to have them done by Friday morning. I had to reorder the dvd cases, to get the 2-disc cases. I still need to design a cover for the case and the CD label. Simple is my motto for that part of the project.

Last year I helped one other parent put together a yearbook book. We built the whole thing from scratch using a web based publisher. That project was long and time consuming and I will say doing a video version is faster to build but I do have to burn the DVD’s myself and print all the labels. One teacher at the school mentioned there might be some upset parents in the other classes that they were not included. But no one took the lead this year after the school director begged for parents to take on the project. So no love loss on my end! 

I wanted Paley and her friends to have something fun and tangible to remember their last year. I hope to also put together another little treat for her close friends but that will have to come together later this month. I would post some of the movies on the blog but I am sure there would be a few angry parents that I posted images of their kids. So for now, I give you paley all alone.....

I have about a dozen posts in the works, so I promise more to come.