Great Find: Vintage Bowles

Yes I am fashion junky since the age of 9 when I saw my mom’s first Town & Country magazine. I was hooked on the fashion crack pipe and here almost 30 years later, I am still hooked. Vogue is now producing two wonderful web shows that I am just loving because they feature two people I have adored over those 30 years and they are simply witty and fun to watch. 

The first show is Vintage Bowles with it’s namesake host Hamish Bowles, he’s british, unique and he looks like he belongs to some Cambridge professors association than a one the masterminds under Anna’s wings. Hamish is adorable and have enjoyed his literary whit and style for many years. I met Hamish for the first time back in college at a party and then saw him again in 2005 at collections in Paris. I stopped him outside of Valentino and just chatted a little about his career and thoughts of Paris. Such a wonderful man to stop and talk to a simpleton like me.

His show Vintage Bowles is basically about Hamish shopping for vintage couture or ready wear pieces that hold a historical significance to him. I am still waiting to see this huge collection he’s been building the past few decades. So far there have only been 4 real episodes to the show, although the website says there are 7. Three of those shows are just intro’s to the show or a bio of Hamish.   

You can check out all the episode on or by clicking the show logo up top!