The Twins: Climb Every Margotain

Lochlan averages a dozen times a day he pisses off his little sister.

When I say Lochlan is a bruiser, I mean it in a loving way. See, Lochlan has always taking a liking to his older and younger sister. Over the past 2 months, since he’s been crawling, anything in his way is fair game. And I mean everything! Poor Margot is subject to abuse on a regular basis thanks to her brother. As you can see from exhibit “A”, he’s not ashamed. Whether he’s crawling up on Margot’s back or even on top of her head, there is no guilt on that cute face. 

So how do you tame your little bruiser. Wait now it sounds like I am training a dog but lets be honest, either way you look at it, you are teaching your child the right thing to do or help them adopt positive habits. For now, we are trying to let Lochlan realize he’s hurting Margot, with a little verbal education. No’s and Hurting are common words with that verbal communication. He’s slowly getting, the twins are also slowly learning to understand certain word’s.

 Margot tends to get payback a couple times a week.

Margot tends to get payback a couple times a week.


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