Crazy Drivers or Careless Driver with New Rules: Part 1


Driving home one day from my mom’s house in the east bay, I was dealing with some crazy people on the road. Of coarse that day it during July 4th week and everyone was super crazy trying to get away from their lives. Then I thought about all the those crazy habits american drivers have developed over the years. Habits which are becoming the norm even though majority of them are illegal. So I started a list on my phone one day of some of the crazy habits I’ve seen. The list got long, so this will be a new series, since the list is getting longer by the days.

Missing Your Exit: A responsible and sane drive who has missed their exit, power forward and just get off the next exit and either backtrack or find an alternative route. Impatient Americans instead notice there error and dart for the exit to avoid making said error. If they’re in the first lane, typically they just drive over the lined meridian or even the cement curb. Then those who are the suicidal, who not only put the lives of their passengers in jeopardy, they also put the lives of those in the other lanes they barrel across. No signal and a big zoom across 2-4 lanes, cutting off many other cars going faster than they are. It’s like a series of break lights and screech marks.

Why must people be so lazy? They can’t seem to accept the mistakes they make. Why are we so afraid of being wrong or making mistakes in our lives, this has carried into our daily habits. Just move past the problem or mistake and stop hurting others because you can’t handle being flawed.

coming up more turns and signal famine