Crazy Drivers or Careless Driver with New Rules: Part 3

For part 3, it’s all about the signals. No I am not talking about the signals we make to each other from the driver seat. Middle finger extended the most popular. (I am guilty of this on occasion) For full disclosure, I am guilty of two of this posts bad habits. First is one of my biggest, pissing in a moaning about, habits.

Turn Signals Are Not Suggestions - That saying says it all, the freeway/highway, city street, residential avenue or even a country road, a turn signal is a turn signal. They are a warning that you’re about to change lanes. You know what I am talking about, you want to change lanes and your turn the signal on and look to see if their is a car in the lane and of coarse there is. 

Two things happen, a car that is 1-2 car lengths behind you, will speed up just enough so they are now side by side with you. Quietly telling you, you are in no way shape or form going to take over their lane. So there you sit trying to merge but they just coast along your side. You correct this problem one of two ways, slow down if no one is behind you or hit the horn to make them pay attention. You could hit the gas and speed ahead but that’s just going to make things worse. 

The second thing that happens is the car is 4-5 car lengths behind you (safe to change the lane), you signal and the car then hits the gas and vroom, they are not going to let you be in first place. This usually results in them either hitting someone or slamming on breaks in front of you two piss you off. More of the time I see this happen to other motorists and I see how the victim car turns to anger to deal with the situation. People, cars are weapons, they kill people if let your anger take over your perception of a situation. 

Pedal to the Metal Yellow - Yes I am guilty of this bad habit! I am working towards earning my first chip! Clem hates that I do this but there is something inside me that dislikes to be sitting in a stationary car. I could never live in L.A. with all that traffic. Simply put, you are approaching a signal intersection and you are about 3-4 car lengths from the intersection and the light turns yellow. The law states if you are 1-2 car lengths or have entered the intersection when the light turns yellow, you have the right of way. Outside of that, you need to hit the breaks! I am working towards breaking my habit of running yellow lights. I just dislike sitting at lights, I will take a longer route to a destination to avoid sitting in traffic. Taking 280 to SF may be 20 minutes long that 101 but at least you are moving.

coming up merging in threes, dawdling displacement and the end


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