Questioning A Just Fish Diet


I have to admit I’ve had my reservations about this pescaterian diet lately. The last time we did the diet was back in January of 2011. We had tasked our selves with 3 month change of diet. At the end of the diet, the Fukushima disaster happened and we okay with the notion that any radioactive material would take years to float across the Atlantic and pollute our fish supply. I even stopped eating shrimp and eel at sushi restaurants because it is estimated that around 80% of the both items served in sushi restaurants, originate from Japan.

Back then I was comforted to read that any nuclear waste would take at least 3-4 years to affect our pacific catch. Well here we are almost 3 years later and now we decide to do a fish only diet. We are on the cusp of all those nasty things that I had fear of 3 years ago. Reading articles being published a feverish rate is becoming like a ping pong match. The recent wave of news has been that the isotopes are showing up in caught fish. With a faint sprinkling of legitimate opinions or findings that are heavily stating that the numbers they are seeing in caught fish are within the normal range of non-exposed fish. 

Back and forth, around we go, where we end up, nobody knows. Who is telling the truth, can you really trust government, independent agencies. I mean when the Voice of Russia is saying the radioactive levels are 200 times of normal, it’s scary. Well that is a Russian new agency. Then you have the Examiner publishing an article highlighting Michael Snyders “36 signs the west coast is tainted with radioactive material”. I know it seems like a laundry list of crazy. But you really have to pause and just think about it all a little. Are these signs alarming? Are they truth? You have to question. 

Dozens of stories in the last week and a half have been published about the Fukushima risks along the west coast of the U.S. I guess my questioning of our new diet was heightened when I read right before the holidays hit, the U.S. was documented in purchasing and stock piling doses of potassium iodide. I know, as I am writing this, I am starting to see how I am prescribing to some crazy. But this information is out there, where do you draw the line where crazy has now become reality. How do you weed through all of this information and recognize that the crazy is not pure and simple truth. 

I wish we could trust everyone and everything that is put out there but a lot of the information coming to us in the media is just plucked from here and there. So where am I right now? I am still on the fence. I am focusing on trying to make sure I know where my fish is coming from, typically at the grocery store, I try to stick with seafood from the Atlantic and southern hemisphere. Do you believe it all or is it just crazy?