315 & South: Plus Two

Yesterday morning I weighed in on day 3 of our diet at 309 lbs., sad face Brian. Gained 2 pounds in 3 days. Not a good thing but I have been sick for almost 2 weeks now. Nasty respiratory virus! I am on the mend and I can finally get outside and get to walking at least. I will admit, I’ve had no exercise in the last 3 days except for taking down Christmas and the usual kid tasks. I am not deterred from this setback and I am focused on getting a daily routine of exercise slowly but surely into my everyday. I will also admit that I did eat meat over the weekend, Clem talked me into the notion that we should not waste the meat in the house. I questioned that idea and finally gave in, eating some of the jerky from the holidays. My gut gave me payback later that evening. I am back to no meat!

For Dinner tonight it's my favorite, salad with hardboiled eggs and white sautéed shrimps. 

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