Holiday Albums 2014

Well it’s that time of the year, no not Halloween but it’s time to check out the new Holiday Music for Christmas. Over the next two months, artists will be releasing their takes of holiday tunes. I have this thing with holiday music and it has to do with my great love for Christmas. While most of my family prefers Halloween, Xmas is my thing, well along with my mother. This year the big album to run to iTunes and download. Releasing this Tuesday 10/14 is Idina Menzel’s first holiday album “Holiday Wishes”. Menzel was super smart to follow up with her big box office success with a new holiday album. I know Paley is going to enjoy this album, I’ve already reordered it but sadly I have not been able to find a website that provides previews of the songs. This album is the blockbuster of the season. 

No seriously, his voice is like BUTTER! Yes, you are going to laugh, Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy) has recorded a full christmas album for your holiday laid back evening. Seth’s voice lies between Sinatra and Martin but unique with his little comedy timing on songs like “Snow”, which is one of my personal favorites. Man would I love to have a white Christmas some day. This album has already dropped and if available online. Another favorite rid-bit about this album is the cover, so old-school and perfect for a 50’s style holiday crooner album. MacFarlane gets the Surprise Award for the season.

Another album I am crazy to hear but probably won’t be available till it releases is Earth, Wind & Fire’s first holiday album ever. The album titled Holiday, talk about an album long overdue. Seriously, how can you not love an album that is just completely awesome. I foresee this album on repeat starting next month. Yes, I start xmas early with the tunes and the movie. I just cram so many great movies and music into 25 days. 

Now I am not a huge religious person but I am liking Michael W. Smith (Christian contemporary artist) has a new duets holiday album out already. He got together some really great artists like Bono, Amy Grant, Lady Antebellum and Carrie Underwood. Smith’s voice is one of the greats and most under-appreciated. I was excited to see that he also did a duet with another great voice, Michael McDonald with the song “Peace”. I give this album the hidden award. 

Sadly that’s all there is, most of the albums being released this year are compilations and I don’t get into those items because I probably already have most of the songs on those albums. Not sure why there slim pickings this year, I guess they all heard Idina was dropping a holiday album and they all put their albums on hold. Oh well. Here’s hoping 2015 has more meat!

A honorable mention of holiday releases is The Wexford Carols by Catherine O’Leary & Tom Jones

Dishonorable mention……that husband stealing hussy Rimes is coming out with an album, such a waste of human being and talent. Power to BRANDI!

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