2 For 2 - The Two’s Have Arrived

 Paley 2yr Portrait by Aaron Nagel

Paley 2yr Portrait by Aaron Nagel

 Lochlan 2 Year Portrait by Aaron Nagel

Lochlan 2 Year Portrait by Aaron Nagel

Well here it is, Lochlan and Margot’s second birthday! Where are we on this momentous day. Lochlan has learned how say “NO” with great passion and expressive mannerisms. While Margot has become the most helpful little busy bee in the household. She’s giving her older sister a run for her money. Lately, Mimi’s visits have had a similar tag line or expression, “Yup, Margot is most certainly Brian!” (with a slight smirk on my mothers face) while Margot is having one of her fits or is running from one place to the next. She is most certainly without a doubt a mini-Brian.

Together the pair have made strides in their speech. We’ve just begun using flash cards and they are picking up new words here and there. What I love and loathe  about this age is the loss of the baby language. Yes I am happy to see my own vocabulary move back to being an adult but the innocence of the baby talk is just so comforting. They are slowly becoming grown ups when they stop saying Baba or Cah. Hanging on to these years is so hard because subconsciously you wish the phase would move along faster. The reality is that the good and bad will always out weigh each other as your kid gets older. Terrible two’s met their match with dawn of the communication era for little one’s. But with this comes the dark side, the attitude, the word “NO” takes on a whole new meaning. 

Over the past year Margot has blossomed into a little girl and certainly has great girly love for her older sister. The two are a pair for sure and their love of dress up and pretend is certainly mutual. Did I mention my youngest daughters affinity for shoe’s? The girl is glued to the 3 pairs of shoes she owns. It’s a non-stop shoe fest in our house. She doesn’t descriminate based on sex either, daily she raids her brothers shoes. Her brother goes in waves of love for the accessory. I would most certainly agree with the fact she loves food but sadly over the past two months, that love has been fickle. She still likes to get her groove on to some good tunes, especially in the car. I have singled out the one genre that has the highest head bopping rate. That genre just happened to be her fathers favorite dance music as well. Long live Trance! No matter the DJ or artist, if it’s trance, Margot has her groove back in a heart beat. 

Margot’s affinity for her sister is endless but for her brother that’s only on occasion. A good portion of their day, Lochlan and Margot get a long famously. Then there is that hour or two where it’s two bulls in a crystal shop. I would say china but china has a higher success rate non-breakage when it comes in contact with the floor. Margot is also a great lover of the camera, she loves getting her photo taken by anyone. If it’s a phone or an actual camera, she will stop, pose and say, cheese! Sadly when it comes to real professional shoots, she needs a little time  to warm up. For this years holiday portrait Margot was our tough cookie and we learned there needs to be a 30 minute buffer required with the photographer.

Lochlan is our little Bull! He’s our bruiser and one tough cookie when it come to, everything! and I mean everything. Eating food, getting a diaper changed, walk from the car to house, you name it. But he has his soft side which appears more and more has the months pass. Like most twins, he has a one-sided love hate relationship with his sisters. He wants what they have and will kick, scream or fight for it. Then there are those moments when he just filled with pure love. Hard headed to the outer-core, he can break eventually. He is the first of the two to actually lay in our bed and fall asleep. His major achievement this year is earning the title of Our Little Helper. 

Vocally their voice boxes, reach critical mass on a daily basis. Vocabulary is slowly blossoming. Lochlan’s “NO” has garnered a Teen Choice Award, he working towards that SAG award. Some day he will reach Golden Globe status like his sister, the Oscar is still mine though! Sadly people are still asking if they’re twins. I thought it was because of their sizes but the two are pretty close in height and yes they don’t have the same color blond hair. Seriously, when you are that blond, sitting in the same stroller and have the same blue eyes, it’s a pretty good chance that they are twins. I have a feeling, based on seeing older twins react with the general public, the twins questions will last forever. We need a PSA teaching the general public how to identify and accept twins. 

Lochlan & Margot’s second year was filled with a lot of amazing moments which we were lucky to capture on istangram and facebook. One thing we love and appreciate and were lucky to have with the two, was there amazing report in public.  We were lucky to have 3 great kids that weren’t annoyed with sitting in a stroller or riding in car. We are lucky! KOW! Looking ahead the twins have a pretty great year of big change coming. With the development of their vocabulary and personality, they will also be heading to preschool next Fall. Not to mention potty training! Wish us luck! 

Much love to Tracy our surrogate on the special day! Without her this two little one’s wouldn’t make this house busting with fun every day. 


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