Bad Parent? Late Night Out! Guilt List

This is just a stock clue who the kid is.......

This is just a stock clue who the kid is.......

Okay, be honest with yourself, what is the latest you have ever kept your child up from bed. The vast majority of us had these late nights scar our guilt list. Yes a list of things that you feel guilty for doing with your child or yourself. Recently we had the kids out late, walking through the front door at 10:30pm after my cousins wedding. Trust me, nights like these are very rare in our household. Honestly, what is the latest we have kept them up? From my guilt list, I show that time being 12am. I believe it was another wedding-like event. The truth is, a majority of kids will fall asleep in the car.

Are you a bad parent for keeping your child up that late. No if it’s a rare moment. If it happens weekly, well thats a discussion you should have with yourself. Another time I remember keeping our eldest up late was back in March when were down in LA. We were out and about it Hollywood, hitting a Gallery opening, industry party and late dinner on Sunset. Walking back to the car, Paley commented she wanted to keep going out. About a mile away from Sunset, she was out, 10pm and snoring. I almost had to carry her up to the hotel room back at Disneyland. It’s night like those that are worth the late night. But as a parent, nights like those go on your guilt list. 

The guilt list is not a heavy one, it’s more of list of moments you admire and feel ashamed at the same time. The balance is key with this list. Events or moments when you think you might have failed as a parent, balance on the list but there are those rare moments listed on the list that are black holes. Black holes meaning, you never want to go back to that dark place ever again, moments. You will never admit your black hole moments, unless under the impression of 6 good shots of tequila. Even then! You aren’t a bad parent, you just had a real low moment in your lifetime. We all go there once or twice in our lifetimes.

Myself, well I am not going to dig deep for my black holes or even my guilt list. Just know this, none of us are perfect, we may act or strive for it on the inside. Truly on the inside we are all screaming to ourselves, “What was I thinking?” Are you a bad parent for these thing, No! We are all humans and we all learn from our fuck up’s in life! In closing, yes it's okay your kids is up till middle of the nights. It's healthy for them to experience life, whether or not they remember it or not!

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