Thought you lost us! Didn't you………

We've been really busy lately and needless to say come this Wednesday and Friday, we are hitting some major milestones. First Paley is turning 6 tomorrow, yes, can you believe it. Six! Of coarse there will be a special blog post on her. The next milestone is the twins will hit their Year and a Half marker. Insane! Time truly goes by fast. An old swim team friend of mine just gave birth earlier this month to twins. She actually will be double duty, juggling the little boy and girl and she’s a first time mom on top of that. I feel for her. JoJo, just feel lucky you got one of each, two boys would have been more intense ballgame. 

For now stay tuned, I have a few posts in the works. As you can see from the instagram photos popping up on our blog (to the right) we were down at the beach for Spring Break. This week I am going to be really busy getting the house back in order and ready for Paley’s party. Thankfully the storm lingering over the weekend has moved closer to the week days. Sunshine in order for the party.

I am just happy that both Lochlan and I are finally on meds and on the mend. I developed bronchitis and Lochlan has croop. Just in time right. We are both feeling a lot better. Damn do cortisone shots hurt! 

Check back tomorrow for Paley 6th Bday Post


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