Paley: The Big 6

Forget turning six, this girl is counting down the days she starts first grade. Paley has made leaps of improvement in every part of her life. From her education, to her strength and weaknesses and most of all her love of life. She still posses that innocent love and appreciation of all people but she’s starting to learn more and more about how there is so much out there that she still awaits her and she does need to be careful. For example, the intruder drill at school. The kids have to hide when a special bell goes off at school or if they hear gun fire. Yes, times they are a changin’. We use to laugh how our parents ducked and cover for nuclear bomb. I guess our kids are chuckling at us for hiding under the desk in a earth quake. Seriously those flimsy  desks were really going to hold up a collapsed ceiling.  

Five and Six are great ages for learning. Her appetite to learn is endless. She has grasped reading and loves math. Learning grammar has become a fun game for her. Rhyming games, word opposites games and even new word games. We have had a few wake up calls with words. Like the time she was at the beach house and said while pretending to be on the phone with a shell, “I can’t talk now, I am having sex with my boyfriend”. The first time she ever said that word. She still cannot remember who told her that. Needless to say, I scoured the lyrics of all our songs and found nothing. Still scratching my head on that one.

Paley has truly gained so much more nerve and strength in the last year. Although she’s still a little cautious about jumping, she slowly building up that nerve. Obsessions have morphed but she still holds onto some pretty good favorites. Still passionate MLP and a fanatic about JL. Of coarse like every girl under the age of 10, she adores with a passion “Frozen”. Swimming is still a strong favorite. 

Looking ahead, Paley has so many milestones to look forward to but I think she is most excited and wishes every night before bed, to start loosing her teeth. Yes, our child is desperate to loose her teeth. She swears that 4 of them are loose as we speak. Sadly, I think it’s just wishful thinking. Listening still seems to be hurdle, we are still trying to get past it. She has made a lot of progress with controlling her emotions at school and at home but listening still seems to struggle. Focus, I believe is the culprit but then again what 5 years can remained focus all the time. 

The most shocking thing we learned about our little 5 year old, is her new passion fast roller coasters. The faster the better! I took her to Disneyland for a Daddy & P only trip. She rode every fast coaster you can imagine and many times over. Her favorites include, Matterhorn, Space Mountain, California Screaming and Splash Mountain. First I do not recommend riding Splash Mountain on a rainy day. Second I love that she loves all these fast coasters, being a speed junky myself. The Matterhorn was a first for both of us. Growing up, every time we went to Disneyland the Matterhorn was closed. Now I will admit, after my first ride on it with her, I needed a moment to collect myself. Paley crawled out of the car and immediately said “AGAIN”. She managed to ride the Matterhorn 4 times in 2 days. Heck she did Space Mountain twice in one day and California Screaming 4 times in an hour!

So today, our speedy girl is turning 6. I can’t say little anymore because she is getting so tall. Six amazing years and well over six thousand memories to remember. It’s truly amazing how much you have to soak up as the years go buy. Having more than one is like overloading your hard drive every week. Recently, I realized that I actually do not remember any of the restaurants I went to for my Senior Ball or Junior Prom, or even any of the other proms and balls I went with friends as their dates. Me going out with a girl, wow was that a stretch. 

I plan on doing little videos of Paley soon. She’s reached an age where her curiosity and thirst for knowledge would be amazing to capture in a moving memory. At least it will be a great catalogue to her life.

Happy Birthday Paley….