Second Time Around You Get Lazy

I’ve been forced to watch Luvs diaper commercials the past few days because its one of those repetitive ads that online viewing requires. With first, yes you want to keep the child from Harm, Germ, Bugs or even squiggly old ladies and there intrusive finger wanting to touch your kid. With the second, all of that goes out the door, the reality, there is no stopping it. But here is the hard truth, you cannot stop a first time parent from doing all those things that repeat parents laugh about. Seriously you can jump up and down until you are blue in the face and that new parent won’t budge. 

So are parents more lazy the second time around, not really. They’ve just seen almost everything there is to see when it comes to raising a child. Please note, I did say “almost”. The only advice a first time parent will truly heed is “everyone has an opinion” and you will be dowsed with those opinions from the moment you announce you are pregnant or expecting. The sad truth is the opinions never go away, they might lessen as the years progress. 

It is truly amazing how much you let fall to the waist side with your second child. Face plant on the carpet, oh it’s carpet, give them a few second to see if it registers. Pacifier or bottle drops on the floor, a first time parent will pick up, give it a good washing and then give it back to the child. For second time around, a parent is more prone to just pick it up, wipe off with a cloth or in their mouth. Does that sound gross? Maybe a little! The lesson here, while some may say it’s laziness, I see it as time maintenance. Why freak out and spend 40-50% more time doing something that isn’t even needed. Here’s the real lesson “Pick Your Battles”.