Celebrity Email in Your Inbox

Whether it’s Robert Redford, the Obamas, Julia Bowen (from Modern Family) or even Jodie Foster, political organization are bombarding our email inboxes with emails pleading for money. I am sure if I opened one of my republican friends emails, I will probably find in their trash bins emails from Patricia Heaton, Robert Duvall or good old Cheney. I think, no matter which side you are on, these emails end up in the trash bin. Whether it’s from NRDC or a Republican super PAC, the spectrum is broad, every cause has some celebrity ready to give p their name. 

I think the reason why organizations think we are all susceptible to the celebrity bug is because TV is still being groomed to what sells in middle America. Sadly the modern times hasn’t caught up with old TV standards. Nielsen to date only reports on cable and streaming media on websites and mobile devices. It doesn’t however factor in date from iTunes store subscriptions and boxes like Apple TV. I think this hurdle is true for what is hurting the non-profit sector. Faulty data or behind the times philosophy. So do you really read those emails from Angelina Jolie and Clint Eastwood?