Running Like Crazy

Walking Schmalking! Try running and giving me a faster run for my money. The twins were pushing out their nap the past few weeks and I finally figured out how to run them down. I wish I had figured this out sooner but getting out and about has been tough these past few weeks because of the beastly heat we’ve been living with. Yesterday after running around all day with Paley to several events in the heat. I finally made it home at 4pm and it was still 110 degrees outside.

Now back to running. Right before lunchtime, I take the kids for walk around the block to burn off any excess energy. Of coarse getting the kids up at a reasonable hour like 7am and not at 9am also helps. The late morning walks before lunch and nap time are my new miracle. Before I was making them sit in a stroller, while I got the workout but now I have them out and walking. Some days its a nice stroll but most days it’s mad dash, a couple slow steps, then a mad dashes. Especially Lochlan who started running in the house a couple of months ago. Trying to keep the two of them from running inside is next to impossible. 

Margot may be running in the house but her run outside is still a little cautious. I love her run, it reminds me a of penguin running. She leaves her arms and hands down to her sides, while Lochlan has his arms bent and charging for the bulls. It’s amazing how fast they have gotten these past month. It seems like yesterday they were trying to walk fast down on the beach in Aptos back in April. Earlier last week, I forgot to put the stroller back in the car and drove all the way to the grocery store. I figured I could give it the college try and let them walk around the store. I love that Margot listens to me and kept with in distance of me. Thankfully she also responds to her older sister. Lochlan on the other hand, doesn’t listen to P or myself. He was the handful but I will say this, his older sister use to run up and down the aisles. Thankfully he only walked around and kept with in eye sight up to 50 feet. I think we will certainly be doing a little gym class in the Fall for sure.