Say Hello To My Little Friend: Terrible 2’s

Yes we are 3 months shy of the big 2 and the terrible 2’s have reared it’s ugly face. In the shape of a little boy we like to call Lochlan. In mid July Lochlan started “The Test”, you know “The Test”. When your child stands next to something they are not supposed to play with and wait till they see they have your attention. They make eye contact with you, throw you that cute little smile to distract you from the fact that they are about to touch said item. Then it comes! 

Of coarse with the 2’s comes the non-stop tantrums, which  requires some alone time. Or my favorite, throwing and hitting. What’s a good sign you are seeing the 2’s? Well how about your son hitting his grandmother in the face twice in one day for no reason at all. Throwing means we should seriously consider moving the Llardo’s from the living room. I fear one of them will meet an early fate  within the next 3 years. 

I will say this, I think boys hit the 2’s earlier than girls. Right now Margot’s only issues is dealing with his train wreck of brother. Thinking back to Paley around the age of 2, she never really hit the ugly 2 streak at all. It happened later in her 3’s instead. I should probably go back to old blog posts and confirm that information one day. Some day I hope to get all of these posts made into some sort of book. For now we are just dealing with the 2’s as the happen. We already had our first meltdown in the grocery store. I had just given the two of them a banana treat in the store and for no reason at all, Lochlan just started screaming and kicking as we approached the checkout. I unpacked quickly and immediately and of coarse a checker hand him another banana and he stops. Epic Fail Daddy! I love the two’s, #sarcasticgrin.