Where We Are Today: 2015 Half Gone and Stage Time

It’s almost June, which means half of 2015 just went poof into nothingness. Remember that post many moons ago where I vowed never again to volunteer my time to a huge school endeavor? Well I ate those words and it was huge bowl of “I Told You So”. I spent almost 7 months working on the school auction only to see all my hard work just squeak by the goal we needed to meet. The event was gorgeous and the food was amazing, the rest of team did an amazing job but I just couldn’t get the bidders to make real bids. Many lessons learned and the more important lesson was managing 3 kids while shuffling along. Come on someone bought $1500 wine tasting package for less than $200. Just couldn’t win. 

Many challenges arose during this period. Like crazy work hours for papa and even being thrown a curve ball of family health problems. In the end, we are all well and we all getting back on track. Of course we are about to embark on a whole new world of kids theater this summer. Paley recently auditioned for a local theater company’s musical of Pinocchio. She has done 4 small productions at school the last two years and has really enjoyed the experience. She truly has progressed in her vocals over the past year, finally finding her voice. Sadly Paley is not like her brother and sister and doesn’t resort to yelling and screaming loud, all day. Paley was certainly the more quiet one of the 3. We are excited to see her take this new step and she even has one good friend joining in on the fun.

For now, I am so happy with the new layout of the family blog. I’ve been wanting a gallery style layout for the blog for several years. Thanks to the people at Squarespace, my dream is now here. I just need to work on figuring out how to have a sentence or two appear under the buy-line. Of course nothing new doesn’t come without bugs. For some reason, the instagram feed is not showing the number of images I want it to show. Big ol’ sigh! So enjoy the new format and I do have a few other changes in the works.

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