What’s With Those Dolls

If you received our holiday card, you might be wondering, what’s with those dolls. We’ve decided our holiday cards need to have some more punch from now on. Yes it’s nice to get those holiday family portraits done every year but it’s even nicer to get something in mail that gives you a little chuckle. 

Our first foray into this neighborhood was the Groucho card of 2011. It was such an awesome card! We certainly cannot top that one but we can certainly try every so often. The Groucho inspiration came from my love for the Woody Allen movie “Everyone Says I Love You”. 

This years idea came to life while shopping on Etsy one day in January 2014. I ran across a doll maker who did character from movies. I asked her if she’s every done people and she replied back saying “of course!” So we were off with the idea. The original plan was to stage the dolls on a set but sadly between my birthday party and the dolls, I didn’t have a lot of free time. The xmas tree was our best option. Back in August we shot our holiday portraits as well as the photo references for the kids birthday portraits. We used the same photos for the dolls. Yes, my doll was a little more plump than Clem’s as well as taller. The outfits were simple but after we shot the dolls, I realized that we could actually just change there clothes later on.

So what’s in store for the 2015 card? I have a long list of ideas but be on the look out, we might do something special.

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