Revisiting "Uh! Oh! What happened?”

2 1/2! I remember this age so fondly and the expressions kids pick up from adults. The one expression that just wares down your nerves is “Uh Oh! What Happened?”. Margot has grasped this one really tight and shows no sign of letting go anytime soon. Morning or late at night, it’s just keeping rolling out of her mouth. In the car, on a walk, in the shower or in the store. My favorite moment by far is the kids are giggling in bed at 10pm and then it goes silent in the room and then you hear “Uh oh! What happened?”. What was happening in that room will always remain a mystery. They just went back to talking and giggling. 

Paley went through this stage and I will say this, Paley was never this annoying by repeating it over and over after. Margot has this little diddy on repeat, 3 times, 4 times, she just keeps going. I will say that one part of this phase that makes it special is how inquisitive the little girl has become. I remember this stage opening up Paley interests what was happening around her as well as the blossoming of her vocabulary. A week ago I heard Margot say “Uh oh….” and when I replied, “the door almost closed on my finger” and I swear to you, she said to me “ the door almost close on finger”. On that same day, when we were picking up her older sister from school, I overheard paley trying to teach Margot how to to speak long sentences. Talk about great moment to remember for ever. Now we just need to work on Lochlan. His vocabulary is becoming too twin speak, but that’s for another post.