“One Stomach Flu Away From My Goal Weight”

 I am not sure what is with my face in this shot! Look like a I had a stroke, no offense.

I am not sure what is with my face in this shot! Look like a I had a stroke, no offense.

So our little household has been hit by the stomach flu bug at least 3 times in the last 7 months. The first time was right before my 40th Birthday Party weekend at Bimbo’s. I had a huge family dinner planned at Absinthe in SF but had to cancel it because Margot and I became sick with Stomach flu two nights before. On the night of the dinner Lochlan was sick. Thankfully I was able to enjoy by Cabaret show at Bimbo’s but in the middle of that show, we got a text from the sitter that Paley was now throwing up. We finished the event and heading back to care for poor little boo.

Fast forward to February, we got the bug again but this time it was only 2 kids were effected. We thought we were past it come March but then we get hit again a third time. This time we all got it but I got the prize twice! Yes twice! To top it off, I got the lucky ticket of eating a bad sushi after only a few days out from my last bout of stomach flu. So on the night of Paley’s birthday I blessed with food poisoning. 

How does this help. Well after all is said and done, I managed to drop 30 pounds from my December weight right before my birthday party. It was so not cool to have weigh yourself right before one of the biggest moments of your life. But  So what is the actual weight? A lady never discusses her important vitals. No go! For now, I am embracing the saying “I am just one more stomach flu away from my goal weight!” In this case it’s so TRUE!

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