This Big Bird Dropped The Chicks Off at Camp

Today was the twins first day at summer camp at our club. I wanted to start giving the twins some experience on their own before the jump into the preschool pond in August. I dropped them off this wednesday morning and then ran to dentist appointment and went back to the club to workout for myself. Halfway through my work out, I found myself stopping every lap to take a peak at how the twins were doing. Were they getting upset because I was no longer there? No! Were they hitting other kids because they have something they want? No! Were they running around the pool deck not listening to the counselor? No! They appeared, from a distance, to be behaving.

I was mortified, that I had become that parent who peaks around corners to see if my child is crying, missing me or throwing a tantrum because I am not there to care for them. Sadly, I didn’t have this experience with Paley because her first experience away from me was at preschool. Ok I will admit that it I probably stuck around and peaked in the window the first few days of preschool with Paley. Part of me was a little sad the twins were not a mess but I was proud they were behaving so well.

I did receive a call in the middle of writing this post from the pool. That dreaded call but thankfully the counselor opened with, “nothing is wrong, the kids are good.” They were calling to let me know that Lochlan has no interest in going into the pool and was it okay for him to hang out in the play room while the other kids swim. They are heading back for day two today. Fingers crossed it goes well.