Saruman’s Exit to No Fanfare

 Lee in Airport 1977 with onscreen spouse the silver tongued Lee Grant

Lee in Airport 1977 with onscreen spouse the silver tongued Lee Grant

Last night I saw a few people post about the passing of the legendary Christopher Lee. Initially I didn’t read any of the obits until this evening and come to find out, he actually passed away last Sunday. So why is the news cycle just now catching up with the news of his passing? From what I can tell the new cycle didn’t catch up with the news of his passing till this Thursday morning. It seems sad but maybe just maybe, he wanted his name to have some peace or his family wanted some peace. Better yet, did Lee have that much power in Hollywood and the media to control how he left this world in the realm of communication.

If you have no clue who Christopher Lee is by name, I hang my head in shame! Maybe this will help, Lee is known for the many of his 300 plus characters he embodied on big screen and small screen. Most notably, Saruman in The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, or Count Dokuu in Star Wars films. But the most iconic role of his career would be that of Count Dracula. He graced the big screen as the iconic Dracula 10 times spanning 3 decades. Of course I have to highlight two of my favorite movies, Airport 77 and Lee as Scaramanga in the Bond classic, Man With The Golden Gun. #RIPChristopherLee

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