Last Day of First Grade for Paley

Margot eager for her first before and after shot. 

Margot eager for her first before and after shot. 

So here we are with the last day of First Grade for Paley. Right off the bat, I have to say the end of this year is certainly a lot more emotional for the girls in Paley’s class compared to last year. I think the kids are more aware of break that is coming and the fact they are all going to be split up next year. Regardless I think Paley had a great year. Friends and Reading were certainly paramount for Paley this year. The little one has certainly taken after her father (Clem) when it comes to reading. Can pound out a chapter book like no tomorrow. I think she’s catching up to her cousins D&D pretty fast. I am just thrilled she loves to read. I personally have struggled with reading my whole life. Finishing a book is a real challenge for me. I blame my ADHD. 

Friends were a great part First Grade. The kids went from a Kinder only playground last year into what I like to call “General Population”. Clem and I weren’t surprised off the bat she took to make new friends and even playing with up class men or girls. One thing Paley has never had a problem with was making new friends. Remember that story I told once of how Paley made friends with a homeless man in Rockefeller Center in NYC. He even offered her a bite of his sandwich, I caught her just in time before her teeth touched the bread.

While making new friends came natural for Paley she also learned the lesson of making sure keep the spark alive with old friends. A lot of the friends she had last year are still close today. She struggled earlier in the year with maneuvering her time between old and new friends. In the end she was able to manage on her own but I think we as parents were more emotionally scared than the kids were.

Another year and another great teacher. I have to say, my daughter is doing well with the teacher lottery. KOW. Like last year, this years teacher was amazing. While they are certainly two different teachers, Paley responded well to the environment that her teacher created. Same goes for last year, which has opened our eyes for the twins moving forward. Your first child is just all about learning what works and what doesn’t work for kids. Lets face it your first child is a guinea pig and will be tested on for the rest of the adolescent life. I think as a parent, you can read as much as you want but testing the waters is the only way you are really going to see what you are really going get. Because in our experience, a school can promise you the world on platter but you end up with a small sliver of Beruit on a butter dish. 

Now it’s time to kick it up for summer.