The Veggie Patch is Coming Back

The best part of getting the backyard ready for Paley’s parties in April is the garden gets a good clean and we can plant new little plants. The last 3 springs the veggie garden was a void because the three years before the kitchen was being remodeled and I was knee deep in babies. The veggie garden was not within my scope or reach. Of coarse this year the excuses have certainly expired. With all 3 kids in school, I have too much time on my hands to come up with an excuse. 

I am back on the hunt for organic seeds and hoping to come up with a better watering solution this year. With the drought, water is going to sparse and expensive. So we have to stay on top of the garden this year. I just double checked our timers and lowered the frequency again and volume used. I am just really excited to not only work with Paley on the seeding but also the twins can experience the process and see the growth. I am not 100% sure if the twins preschool even has a green garden to work in. Paley school does but I only think she’s set foot in it less than a handful of times each year. Don’t get me started how sad the Kinder garden is so weepy. 

Truth be told, I should really jump at the opportunity to help with the gardens. First I need to get our house in order. This new found freedom is completely new and management is becoming a learning process.

BRIAN H-KComment