Wintour’s First Monday In May

It’s been a long 7 year wait since the release of the amazing documentary The September Issue. The 7 long years without the stoic wit of Wintour and the “let me spell it out to you” Talley comments. On Monday the trailer for the next great glimpse into the Wintour Realm. The trailer is a great glance and the world of the Met Gala and how such a large event comes together. Having held a high capacity and show myself, I have great respect for people who have turned the world of party planning in to exhibition of artwork on it’s own. I, of course had the help of the amazing Sasha Souza and Mellysa Kemme. 

Take a peek at the trailer and sadly it’s going to little while before we, the masses can see with our own eyes. The film premiers at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 13th. The online releases have yet to be announced. Lets face it the online release is the only date we really care about. If you do care, the theatrical release is on April 15th, random two days after it’s premier. I am dying to know who the blurred cell phone wielding seating sticker belongs to. Watch the trailer and you will see what I am talking about.