I am Cait: Love Her, Hate Her, I See The Potential

First, I must start by saying I never got caught up in all of the Kardashian shows on the E! Network. That said, I started watching Caitlyn Jenner’s new reality series because I knew it was going to be a game changer. Yes, she’s a republican, yes she’s entitled and still stuck in her bubble. But even after watching the first season, there were some signs the bubble was beginning to crack. I’ve started watching the second season recently and without a doubt this show is worth watching. The show not only reveals the great struggle that Caitlyn Jenner is undergoing being reborn into this world. Her journey is powerfully relevant to how society today and for the future because of the women she’s surrounded herself with. Halfway through the first seasons you can see a change of direction for the show. 

The show went from being all about Caitlyn, to her sharing her journey and opening herself up to be very visible and a strong advocates in the trans community. The result was the slow birth of Caitlyn, the trans activist and her education about the community she’s becoming apart of. Unfortunately, Jenner has been conservative most of her life, which not only presents a hurdle for her education but also for her new friends and allies.  In the second season, she still holds many of her initial beliefs and republican tendencies. So far the second season literally is a blood bath of political tensions and awkward gender gaffs.

I’ve talked about this show with a few of our trans friends over the past couple of the months and I’ve seen a real split in the opinions. Some have stood their ground in their opinion, they will not feed into a negative portrayal of the trans community. While others have watched the show and can see the potential of a strong presence and voice for the trans community on television with this second season of the show. I agree with the latter opinion and I believe to make a show that pure and pro-trans would take time, patience and more importantly shading light on negative spectrum that plagues the LGBT community today. Even Will & Grace had it’s antagonists on the show. I strongly urge people to really start to watch at least the second season. The first season is entertaining but more about the Kardashians and their issues. The real work begins in the second season and with trans advocates like Jenny Boylan (who’s being called Jenner’s voice of reason). I’ve just recently began to read Jenny Boylan’s blog. Boylan was a professor at Colby College for over 25 years. She transitioned in 2000 and is still married today to her wife Deidra and still writes professionally today. She published 13 books and writes many op-eds for such publications as the New York Times and has been a strong advocate in front of the camera on such shows as NPR and 20/20.   

Another strong voice on the show is Kate Bornstein (who has become the great debater to Cait). An author and playwright, she’s been a pivotal voice for the trans/queer community since her transition in 1986. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Kate on a few rare occasions while living in San Francisco in my 20’s. She was always friendly and her presence and voice on the LGBT culture and politics were comforting and passionate. I was saddened to hear that she was diagnosed fucking cancer sever times over the past decade. Seeing her on the show shows that she’s powering forward with life and keeping her truth real and constructive. Her heated discussion and conversations are raw but her ability to grow and find peace in indifference.

Kate and Jenny are the powerhouse duo that makes up the educational voice of for the show. While some may be uncomfortable hearing all the details of the reality in a trans persons life. Candis Cayne is the comforting and familiar face of the shows equal equation. Cayne is probably familiar to most of you because of the her ever growing body of work in acting. Most notably her career path on television. Some of my favorite staring roles in Dirty Sexy Money (i like to call it the Real Dynasty) and more recently as Sherlock Holmes zen partner on Elementary. I first met Candis back stage at Webster Hall in 1995 after a drag show hosted by RuPaul, Joey Arias and many more. I’ve seen her perform a few times since and she’s always a crowd favorite. In the TV show I am Cait, she does struggle with her friendship with Jenner but she sees so much more than the average eye. She’s an entertainer in every sense of the word, not to mention a stunning actress.

I have to close out this post/review of I am Cait by highlighting the amazing, real and hilarious Chandi Moore. From her fierce attitude on life to her unforgettable and lovable style. It’s never a dull moment when Chandi is scene stealing pivotal moments. Chanda does for I am Cait what Jacqueline did the Bravo show Million Dollar Decorators. An unforgettable personality that just soaks up every shot she can get.

We love you Chandi Moore.