Groupon Thinks I Am A Republican

Seriously! In the past week I have received emails about deals on military boots, money clips and rifles. What’s next, great offers on Hummers and Cadillacs? I honestly have no idea when I actually created my Groupon account. Have I used it, I think once or twice and I have no clue what it was for. I used to work for company called back in the early 2000’s. It brought discount programs online and to masses in corporate America. It was profitable company that had great potential. Sadly, the founders got caught up in the venture capitalist world and it went in a direction it really didn’t need to go. It would eventually be sold off to competitor. I’ve been wary of these programs because the truth is discount programs can be found all over the internet. It just takes a little hunting online and you can find the same discounts most corporations bask in. 

I’ve written blog posts in the past about how crazy wrong online algorithms are getting. These Groupon gaffs are just proof how out of touch these algorithms are to the real world. The end result, I’ve shut down my Groupon account. It’s hard to believe I first created that account back in 2008 when the site was up and running.