The Ladies of OE11, Yes Another Sequel

Let's face it, remakes of movies are here to stay and what better than a remake of remake of remake would be perfect. Late last year the rumor mill started churning that George Clooney and Brad Pitt are in talks to doing a Oceans 11 spin-off with Sandra Bullock in the driver seat playing Clooney's sister. Now I am going all in on this film being the big hit off 2018 if it comes to life. I love all three of the OE11 films equally for their own reasons. Part of me hopes they can get DeNiro somehow into this project as a villain. He would be just brilliant as Pacino and Garcia. We have had to come to terms with the passing of Bernie Mac, that we will never see a OE11 part 4 on the big screen. Not to mention, due to Reiner’s age the likelihood of him be on screen would pretty slim. 

Which means a spin-off would be the best option for the franchise. This way members of the Clooney cast can pop in and out of the story line and steal be apart of the franchise. Over the past few months a few big names have been tossed out on the net as possible "in talks" for the other 10 spots. Ladies such as singer Selena Gomez and even Angelina Jolie are rumored although Jolie's star power might be too bright for Bullock. It would be genius to have them be the new Clooney & Pitt. People have been fan-casting this remake for over 6 months now. It's all over the place. I will say my two favorite top picks that seem to be on everyone's list is Jane Fond and her sharp tongue as the seasoned vet in this crew of ladies and Michelle Rodriguez doing all those serious stunt moves. Some people threw out Judi Dench but I though she was done with filming since her eye sight is demolishing so rapidly. To my surprise she has already shot 4 movies in the last year. So who knows!

I think an all female cast would pull in some serious coin at the box office. Historically all female casts have always brought in larger takes compared to an all male cast. A couple articles I read have killed about this all women cast movement as being a fad. All I can say to that is, all of those critics are white middle age men who will be dead in another 20-30 years. So with them dies their white sexist entitled tendencies. 

So who would my fan cast consist of? Well the image pretty much says it all. Of course Bullock is a great choice and while I could see maybe a few other in the role, I think takes the brass ring.

Jennifer Lawrence— Yes, I would love to see Angelina Jolie be the smoking sultry sexy member of the team but I am sure she doesn’t want to follow in her husbands footsteps, shit, we are still waiting on Mr. & Mrs. Smith sequel. Lawrence is talks so she’s obviously the best option as bullocks buddy half but I think she’s more fit for the good looking young protege (Damon).

Kerry Washington - Lets face it, Washington is amazing and especially in an ensemble cast. I think she would be great as the sexy and suave buddy to Bullock.

Jane Fonda - Easily the best casting idea for a veteran grifter (Reiner).

Rosie Perez - Seriously, who better to take on the roll of heavy hitting woman of the pack (Mac). While she may be petite, she’s a bull with serious bravata. 

Rosie O’Donnell - No I am not saying that Rosie looks anything like Gould, she just has the ridiculous outrageous moxie for the role as the nutty veteran for the team. 

Michelle Rodriguez - She’s the obvious choice for cat burglar type.

Martha Plimpton & Joan Cusack - While they obviously can’t be sisters, they can certainly be cousins or partners in crime (Affleck & Caan). I’ve always wanted to these great ladies work together, although they did once in the 80’s joining the amazing cast of Stars and Bars. Sadly while the cast is perfectly crafted, the script is horrific.

Bridget Fonda - It’s time for a comeback for Bridget, going on a 14 hiatus since she married Danny Elfman. She would be a great tech personality on the team. Plus it would be great to see her and her Aunt working together. 

Chloe Moretz - This is totally out in left field, I really like the idea of Chloe blowing things up. 


My Runner Ups:

Dawn French - Yes, she’s brit with a real British actress. No fake accents in this movie!!!! She would be amazing as a barrel of laughs.