I Miss Supermarket Sweep

Yes, I said it out loud and if you were alive and over the age of 5 in the early 90’s then you certainly remember the Supermarket Sweep tv show. I thought the show was fun but at the same time, looking back, it was a great example of life and fashion in the 90’s. The show originally aired back in the mid-60’s and was revived in 1990 when it had 5 year run on the Lifetime channel. Between Golden Girls, Empty Nest and Supermarket Sweep, Lifetime was on our TV a lot in the 90’s. 

I am reminiscing about the show because Melissa McCarthy was on SNL last month and they ran a hilarious skit based on the TV show. It brought to reality everything we all thought about, why the hell can’t the contestants go behind the counter and take everything. Like the $50,000.00 meat slicer. Who wouldn’t mind the chance to wild in a store and buy whatever you want. I remember the day when stores like BEST and Toys’r-us ran sweepstakes to do a 1 minute shopping spree in their store. Those we the days. 

BRIAN H-KComment