A Split Bacon Reunited

I’ve been following the Christie’s Auction House Youtube channel for a while now.  A couple weeks ago I was watching a new video created for the upcoming auction for the collection of Guy and Marie Weills who one of the prolific collectors during the 20th century. I learned of the Weills collection many years ago because of their collected piece by Helen Frankenthaler and Chagall. I started to catch up on some videos on the Christie’s channel and ran across an amazing story about how a Francis Bacon unfinished painting was found on the back of two MDF boards that were recycled by Irish artist Tony O’Malley, who rented Bacon’s previous studio in London. O'Malley split the original piece to make smaller pieces which are now apart of two separate collections . The Christie's channel is really exciting to watch. One of the great things about the video is they showcase upcoming auctions along with the auction results. One of the recent sales was for 20th Century Post War Contemporary and Impressionist works. Any doubters of the worlds economic status should take a serious look at this video. Jeff Koons basketball in a tank went for over $15M and a rare Rothko went for over $32M. In 4 different auctions, Christies need over $650M.