Google Gets It Right: The Art Camera

The Google Culture Institue has created a camera for museums and galleries to use in capturing and cataloging the worlds great wealth of artwork. The Art Camera is their latest creation which allows them to photograph works of art with high-magnification allowing the viewer of the image to get down and deep into the texture of the painting. I’ve posted a new video of the process and currently Google has loaned out 20 of the cameras to various collections for use. 

You can view the collection of 1000+ works of art that have been processed already. Right now it appears there are no major museums that have used the camera. Most of the collection are small organizations. Which when you think about it, makes great sense, since most people visit the major locations first before a small place like the Slovak Nation Gallery.

The Art Camera is the latest tool that Google has created, over the past few years they have been using small mobile version of their street view cameras in various museums or gallery shows. This video below is of a exhibition of artist Phlegm installation in a gallery in East London. The installation was donein2014 and the amazing view posted by