Disney 3 Year Slate: Heavy on the Marvel

SFGATE posted an article a few days back with a breakdown of Disney Studios 3-Year Slate for the big screen. From 2017 to 2019….but the slate for 2020 is another epic year with 2 Pixar, 3 Marvel and possible the long awaited Inhumans movie which Kevin Feige mentioned back in November is back on the plate. While on the subject of Marvel it seems Disney’s investment to acquire Marvel and Lucas Film.

The highlights of the list include:

Cruella - Potentially starring Emma Stone, who is prefect for the role. 

Young Han Solo Prequel Spin-off - While Ford might be done with the role, you have to admit, finding out Han’s early story would be nice. Woody Harelson has already signed on to play Solo’s mentor. 

Black Panther - I was watching Civil War recently and the Black Panther scenes are really awesome, I am actually excited to see this new member to the Marvel series come to life. 

Toy Story 4 (2019) - Admit it, you are already planning on seeing it opening weekend with or without the kids. 

The Increadibles 2 (2018) - This is epic and WAY overdue. Super stoked to hear the likes of Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell and Samuel L. Jackson back together on screen. Something tells me that Dash will be recanted because Spencer Fox (who?) is a little to old to voice Dash again. 

Mary Poppins Returns - Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins, enough said! 

Mulan (2018) - A reboot and live Auction…..on the heels of the success of “Once Upon A Time”, Disney is gambling on new interest of the Mulan character but are they wiling to go all the way with her story! Mulan deserves some love.  

A Wrinkle in Time - I’ve been waiting for this movie to be made properly, long time coming. A real treat that Witherspoon and Chris Pine have signed on to the film and OPRAH!!!

Captain Marvel - I’m a little indifferent about this movie coming to life because I never really got into the whole Capt. Marvel and Ms. Marvel comic world. Mainly because the characters always are killed off and someone else picks up the baton. 

Avengers: Infinity War 1 & 2 (2018 & 2019) - Yes another Avengers movie, I think Captain America Civil War proved, Avengers work better in a character driven story! Hello, I think Black Widow deserves a staring role. The only plus about this new series of the Avengers, is the introduction of the Guardians.

Indiana Jones 5 (2019) - Harrison doesn’t have time for Star Wars with another Indiana Jones in the pipeline. 

Big Hero 6 Sequel (2018) - A sequel to the 2014 smash hit. Every kid is going to loose it when they see the first promo for this sequel.

Star Wars Episode 9 (2019) - Such a long wait! 

Magic Camp (2018) - Pretty sure this is Disney Untitled August 2018 movie. This could be a real breakout hit for the year or at least have the potential. While Jefferey Tambor is the only heavy hitter name for the cast, the clincher is the movie is being written by Steve Martin who might also star along Tambor. The name says it all, it’s Disney solution to keeping up with Harry Potter. Great hope for it!

The one’ s we could do without:

Wreck-it-Ralph 2 - The first one was slightly entertaining for some of my kids. I think they would be better of making a Q-Birt movie!

Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) - I think Rudd did great in Civil War, I turned off Ant-Man halfway through, not super buzzed about Evangeline Lily

Gigantic (2018) - Another Jack and the Bean Stock theme movie, do we need another?

Coco (2017) - Pixar is finally making a holiday movie, about Dias De La Muertos. So far the previews for the movie haven’t been that entertaining and for some reason, Pixar has chosen an early November slot which could mean it’s not going to be a heavy contender during the holidays season. 

Dumbo (2018) - A live-action version of the original movie and it’s a Tim Burton movie. Not sure this one needed a remake or even a real life version, let alone Dumbo and Jonny Depp in the same movie. Or could this be the first Burton movie in a long time without Depp?

Night on Bald Mountain (2018) - Based on the demon mountain scene in Fantasiais a new Fantasyland inductee to the Disney realm. I don’t think we really need this one but who knows it could actually be a pretty good movie. The movie is being written by the team who wrote Dracula Untold, not sure that a positive thing.

Jungle Book 2 (2019) - I wasn't a fan of the original Favreau.

Lion King (2019) - The first live-action attempt. Not interested! Jon Favreau is helming the production but nothing has been slated date-wise.



Untitled Female Santa Claus Movie (2018) - Kept under wraps, I am hoping this is just another The Santa Clause sequel with the reigns being handed over to a girl, poor Charlie. Oh there was one little tidbit out there, Anna Kendrick is set to star. 

Oliver Twist (2018) - Why mess with a perfect classic from the 60’s, wait Sony remade it with Polanski 11 years ago. But here’s the catch, Ice Cube is working to remake the musical into a modern day story. One word, ANNIE!

Prince Charming (2018) - Has potential but the writer who has been tapped gave us Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son. Outlook not good. No rumored cast of yet! 

Rose Red (2018) - Doesn’t Snow White’s sister deserve a chance at the limelight. Just curious if she has enough to make it tale, as of right now there is no casting reported. 

The Night Gardener (2018) - Based on Jonathan Auxier novel    by the same name. Production is no where near being announced but the story is of great interest. Two orphans are sent to Windsor estate to work and what they find of the inhabitants who are not who they seem. Gripping!

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018)  - The classic has been made in every medium possible but live-action always seems to be a popular hit. This version is already stacked with an all-star case, from Keira Nighly, Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren. Still in pre-production which means it might get pushed to 2019. 

Snow White (2018) - The Musical! Of coarse with all of the Snow White and Huntsmen movies, the next step is for a live-action musical. Scared to think of the possibility. Erin Cressida Wilson is tapped to write the script, i see the darkling with movies like The Girl on the Train and Secretary. 

The Sword in the Stone (2018) - It was bound to happened some day. Nothing but writers right now slated.

Genies (2019) - Prequel to Aladdin. To soon after Robin Williams death? I am leaning yes!

Bobo Fett: A Star Wars Story (2020) - This production is all rumors right now. Most recently it was announced to be cancelled, thats not the first time we heard that. Neither Disney or Lucas have confirmed it’s future. I would wait in line for this movie. Michael B. Jordon had been rumored. 

Doctor Strange 2 (2020) - While it’s just rumored I see this film being a big sell just like the first one.

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