Beach House 2017

I started to finally play around with Clem’s new product feature with this video, I like it but it limited my options down to certain photos on certain dates. This video turned out great but sadly there are about 3 days worth of photos not included. I fell in love with the music. We had an okay vacation this year. The twins started out the vacation with ear infections and pink eye for both and lochlan managed toget a nasty lung infection. Pink medicine and eye drops were on board pretty much for the whole trip. 

Paley was spared the nasty lung cold but managed to get pink eye as well. Sadly Clem and both caught it which resulted in a really bad chest cold. Thankfully our guest list was light this year so less in harms way :-) This year was a real wakeup call how much the kids have changed over the years. Six years at the house for our little family has been adventure. Comeback soon, I’ll try to add another movie with the missing photos. 10 days in the kids are already ready to head home to their “REGULAR HOME”.Till next year.

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