Elton John Classic Get Official Music Videos

In case you missed the news on Monday, singer Elton John has partnered with Youtube to create a new program titled THE CUT. Youtube created the contest to have filmmakers and artists take classic Elton John songs that never received their own music video. Elton along with Bernie Taupin joined a panel of music industry personalities screen story boards and rough submissions and chosen 3 winners each with their own emphasis in a certain art form. 

Benny and the Jets: Directed and Choreographed by Jack Whiteley and Laura Brownhill - is an homage to the art of choreography. The video modern in black and white is nod to the Buzzby Berkeley era while bringing a modern interpretation with a story of competition told in dance. 


Rocket Man: Directed by artist and Iranian Refugee Majid Adin. This amazing work of art truly comes alive in story and Adin’s imagination elevates the story into a tale of human soul today. Don’t be afraid of the animation, the lyrics, music and the graphic nature of the video really comes together beautifully while make a loud statement to open your eyes to todays struggles outside of your bubble.

Tiny Dancer: I saved the best for last! This was the first of the three videos I watched and it’s iconic. The video directed by Max Weiland is just filled jam packed with scenes of life in Los Angeles while slowly telling the story from Taupin’s Lyrics and giving the them life. The video was shot on the streets ofLA in some amazing light famously seen on the West Coast of the US. The video also features singer Marilyn Manson in a rare moment of realness.

You can view the promo for The Cut Competition Here