HK5 Japan: Chapter 9 “Kyoto Here We Come”

I played smart and called ahead to check on the room that we had booked. It too had a strange comment that we were getting 3 singles that sleeved 6 people. Well, sure enough the room literally had 3 twin size beds. We got lucky because the room next door which was slightly smaller was available but no adjoining rooms. Clem and I are such paranoid travelers, we are now sleeping in separate rooms for 3 nights. I assured him this will not be happening in the next leg of the trip. While we did get lost, checking into the Granvia Hotel was super easy and it was a treat to see the hotel lobby offered a gender neutral bathroom.


We were early so we headed over to the Yodobashi Camera store and did a little shopping. The twins went nuts on the toy floor and Paley went crazy on the gaming floor. We also broke down and bought a new piece of luggage to house all of our purchases. I’ve already started shipping a few things we really don’t need to be carrying around for the rest of our trip. Reality has stepped in that we are no longer a two large pieces of luggage family anymore. The kids really need to be wheeling their luggage on their own with all of their clothes inside. But that will have to wait for the next big trip as a family. 

On our way out of lunch at a ramen restaurant. Paley finally found a store that carried English Manga books. She was thrilled. One of her classmates turned her onto the Japanese style books just this last year and she was hooked. I foresee a Manga shelf on her bookshelves soon. Sadly they’re all maxed out now. We we to embrace a system of staggering how the books are shelved to take up the space better.

After the horrible night sleep before and all the traveling, we opted for quiet night in to relax. The kids were thrilled to spend a few hours opening, playing and loosing pieces immediately to their toys. I on the hand am working on blog posts. Pretty happy with myself. I was able to bang out 5 posts in a few hours, while uploading videos to youtube and scheduling instagram posts. Never a dull moment.