HK5 Japan: Chapter 10 “Chutes and Noodles”

Enjoying Noodle and Chutes @ Hirobun

Enjoying Noodle and Chutes @ Hirobun

For our first full day I finally got to do something that I’ve been wanting to do in Japan ever since we landed. Last year I ran across an instagram post long before we decided to do this trip of a traveler filming a meal they had in Kyoto. Where the patrons were seat on top of river over looking a waterfall and a long bamboo chute with running water would spit out ramen noodles. Each patron was expected to catch the noodles as they shot down the chute. Then dip them into cup of broth. This was our first outing for the day. We took taxi north into the mountains and passed several small version of the restaurant we were headed too. 

We were warned by the hotel staff that there is usually a wait time for the meal.I have read online that meal in itself is only  about 15 minutes long. The street was very narrow and pedestrians have to watch out for oncoming cars as well as cars coming from the rear. This was to a outing for small small children. One family who was behind us inline had a 2 year old walking all over the street and the mom kept running after it several times. I’d like to point out the dad was too busy chatting on his phone to watch his two sons. The poor mom was running after the both of them. 


Once inside, we sat and waited for our given number to be called and once called we were show our spot along the chute. We had to help the kids to grab their noodles and to be honest we were weren’t there for the delicious food. It was all about the experience for me. We sat down at our shift at the chute along the front of the chute. The noodles would come down ever 2 minutes allowing you time to dunk and eat. If you are going document the moment those two minutes go really fast. Hence why we only got a few shots in the beginning ending. 


While the experience at the restaurant was fun, walking back down the hill to the bus stop, a good mile plus, was a treat. We passed several shops and food stalls. We did get some amazing gelato on the way down. From their we headed off to Sagano Bamboo Forest and I am here to say. Don’t fall for the trap! The forest areas were all closed off for some reason except for a newly planted meadow. We did explore the immediate area and grabbed some yummy treats and some gifts for family and friends. We also were able restock out chopstick selection and some fans to be the heat. 

Later that night we did have plans to do dinner cruise on the current area we were located but seeing it during the day kinda put a kill on the cruise, so instead we opted to head back to the hotel. Instead we headed out to this great alley called Poncho Alley. You are literally teleported back in time on this little street with wall to wall original structures. We chose to do sushi one last time in Japan and Kappa Sushi was a great selection. We couldn’t eat out on the patio as it’s a set menu. The kids loved the tamago options and the only bummer was there were only 4 rolls on the menu.